3 Steps to Get Out of Pain


The Future is Open Wide,

I'll stop the world and MELT with you.

Our daily living leads to stress in our systems and that stress leads to aging.  Most of the time we don't do anything about it until we experience pain and at that point, it is too late.

Here are 3 simple practices that can help us begin to understand our pain cycles and more importantly, the steps to get out of pain!

  1.  It's time to learn to work with our stress. Have a relationship with it.There is no denying that life will always bring on stress.  We cannot get out of it, BUT WE CAN LEARN HOW TO DEAL WITH IT. It begins with AWARENESS!  It is essential we bring awareness back to ourselves and become aware of the things in our lives we have missed. Pre-pain signals; waking up achey and stiff, sensing inflammation in our bodies, our rings not fitting, our hair and skin dry, our joints cracking frequently. If you experience any of these things, let's see what step #2 is...
  2. Best Practices.  It is time to bring in the secret weapon: What we do daily in the form of pro-acting instead of reacting, applying preventative medicine instead of fixing what is broken. That little secret called, "show up and do the work"!  Only this time, I mean do it today and tomorrow and the day after that and the day after that. EVERYDAY; a practice, a BEST PRACTICE, like brushing your teeth. I will teach you how to identify where stuck stress is living in your body adopt the best practice of MELT for as little as three minutes a day (MELT is a self-care treatment that can help you get out and stay out of chronic pain).
  3. Get to know your gut. That is right. Literally, your gut. Fix the environment.  It is time to stop thinking that something else must be causing weight gain, fatigue, lack of energy, pain, sleeplessness, injuries. Our nervous systems are shot. WE are causing our own problems! And when left unattended, the cumulative effect grows and grows until the exhaustion leads to the place where cellular repair that should take place in our sleep is no longer taking place because we are no longer sleeping.  The scale of repair tips out of balance opening the door to aging, disease, and unfortunately, once again, looking outside of the body, instead of INSIDE for the answers. This backlog of stuck stress wreaks havoc on our enteric nervous system, the gut. Become aware of the stuck stress, identify and resolve it through best practices, fix the gut.  It's that simple. We don't need to create new problems for ourselves with medications and external solutions, we simply solve from within.


Here you have the WHAT& WHY of the practices that can get us out of pain. Now for the HOW: (using the 4 R's of MELT)

  1. Reconnect. Get to know your body by assessing it with your Body Sense (what you feel from within without seeing or touching). Reconnect the mind with the body. This can be done with MELT assessments. (I'll teach you how, or get Sue Hitzmann's book or video, "The MELT Method" to learn more.)
  2. Rebalance. Let diaphragmatic breath be one of your best practices.  This practice done daily will de-stress your Autopilot (where your nervous system and fascia systems meet to support, protect and stabilize the body.) Using the MELT roller, follow Rebalance techniques, found in "The MELT Method" book or video.
  3. Rehydrate to Release stuck stress.  Stuck stress from daily living is body wide. It is everywhere. By rehydrating where most of our fascia resides (around joints) where most of our joints are (in our hands and feet) using the MELT Hand and Foot Treatments we can work towards releasing, and living the pain-free, active and healthy lives that we desire and deserve!  I will teach you these treatments that you can continue on your own at home in a matter of minutes a day!


The future is wide open and it feels a lot better when we feel better! We eat better, we move better, we think better!  I will MELT with you and I invite you to MELT with me! Let me teach you the techniques that I have added to my daily best practices.  My best practices of actively moving my body everyday, drinking a Shakeology every day for complete nutrition, and now a daily dose of MELT keep me not only structurally stable and pain-free, but also living the active life that I plan on living for a long time!  Let me know how I can help you find and achieve YOUR best practices!

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