When all else fails: Part 1 - MINDFULNESS

How are you living?   10 years ago I would have been very uncomfortable asking anyone that question. I would have been uncomfortable in many of the situations I am in today. Our text book and anatomy training do not include much about human relations.  But this week, some interesting things happened.  What's on my mind the most is the "silver strand"- that fragile aspect of our being that is the difference between life and death.  Is your "silver strand" vibrant, humming, and are you resonating with it? We all carry an energy and in my training to observe and react to bodies and needs, I see so many different ways we are either in tune with our energy or we are battling it.  When we are in tune, it flows. We don't have to try too hard.  Good things happen. When we are battling it, we appear unsettled, clumsy and "muscling" it in an effort of trying too hard.  In sport, in training, in life, we have all experienced the flow and the battle. But, are you MINDFUL of that? I sat with someone this week who in a very short time, has become dear to me, and I could feel his silver strand, in the purest form; truly on the thread between life and death. The body of this person is ready to be freed, but the silver strand is still humming.  As I sat with him, I watched the battle to "muscle",  and then the calm to relax, and like a sleeping baby, the flow, and the hum was back.

How acutely aware of our silver strands are we? I know we all have a lot on our minds.  I can see it on your faces.  Kids starting school, new routines. Kids leaving home for school or far-away places for the first time or again.  Summer wrapping up. Decisions and making changes.  Did we lose track of our routines?  Do you know what the moon looked like last night?  Do you remember what you had for breakfast? Are you or people in your life experiencing pain or sorrow?  Are things going well and we've forgotten to take time for gratitude?  Most importantly, are we MINDFUL? When all else fails, and we begin to "muscle" around our silver strand resonations, mindfuness might be the only thing that can bring us back to our flow.

And so, in our training of the body, we cannot help but include the mind. Find the clear aspect of your mind. Sink the contents of your brain. Check in. Allow the spinal cord to flow and feel the hum of your silver strand. Now we are alive. Now we are mindful.

When all else fails, it will help you find the things you have been looking for. This week, I recalled that I needed to fall back on this key concept in my training. I recalled listing three of my concepts I like to keep on the forefront of my actions: MINDFULNESS, PERSPECTIVE & GRATITUDE. And then I walked in the door, and I couldn't remember my first word/concept. I was so frustrated. I had lost my mind. It was gone for almost two days. Some of you noticed. Driving home two nights later, the moon reminded me. When I see the moon, I always take note of it.  I'd been missing seeing the moon. But, seeing it reminded me of my word- mindfulness!  I feel real again, no longer looking or "muscling" around my silver strand and, best of all, mindful of my flow.  That is what helps me connect to you.  In guided meditation with a client , it helps me know that the texture of the bark of a tree will connect; know that if you shift your hips or sink your ribcage, the whole exercise changes; know that sometimes we just need to go outside and throw a slam ball, chase it and throw it again!

Once in a blue moon! It happens every 32 months; two full moons in one month. So on this blue moon- BE MINDFUL.