Part 2....Perspective and new beginnings!

Last month, the blue moon.  Tonight, the harvest moon.  Another full moon; the full moon that follows the autumnal equinox is called the harvest moon.  Is the full moon the beginning of a lunar cycle or the end? Perspective.  Is spring the time of new beginnings or fall?  Perspective.  I like to think of the full moon as the end of the lunar cycle. The completion.  Without this, there is no beginning.  I also prefer fall over spring and I feel a sense of new beginnings with the fall air where most people associate a closing; a dropping of the leaves.  But to me, there can be no beginning if there is no end.  Likewise, we cannot experience joy if we cannot experience sorrow.  And what would the top be if there were no bottom? Perspective.  How we look at things.  The conversations we have with ourselves can take us in many directions.  Some of us are so full of conversations that we never go anywhere or even get up from the table.  It is comfortable to be in conversation and never action.  But what if the conversations were brief and action always followed?  We could write new stories instead of replaying the same old story.   When people enter our space, we hope that they will take responsibility for the energy that they bring with them.  What would that energy be if we were not in the same conversation replaying the same story?  Would we be more open and free of the Samskaras in our hearts?  Samskara is a Sanskrit term for "impressions" and in the yogic tradition it is an unfinished energy pattern.

And so, when people enter our studio space, I sometimes sense many stories and conversations being played.  In fact, sometimes, it would be fascinating to have word bubbles over each person's head with the thoughts that are being played out.  The bottom line is everyone has a story.  When we start our physical training, it helps to let go of our stories and conversations and to be open.  My friend who almost two years ago suggested I should open a place to do my training in AND then drove with me past 304 Citrus in Redlands AND called the number on the FOR LEASE sign AND arranged the meeting with our landlord suggested a book to me -   " The Untethered Soul" by Michael A. Singer.  It is almost maddening when things fall in to place so easily and happen for a reason.  Just like her phone call to the landlord and the events that have led me to this place seem like they were always meant to be, the reading of this book validates so many of my concepts for The Energy Lab.

"An awakened being lives in the 'now.'  They are present, life is present, and the wholeness of life is passing through them.  Imagine if you were so fully present during each experience of life that it was touching you to the depth of your being. Every moment would be a stimulating, moving  experience because you would be completely open, and life would be flowing right through you."

When I go back to my three premises for living and action and change: Mindfulness, Perspective, and Gratitude, I realize now that they are all governed by the energy within.  And again, I quote Michael Singer:

"Just like energy waves, the energy that comes into you must keep moving.  But that doesn't mean it can't get blocked within you. There is a way that the energy can both keep moving and stay in one place - and that is to circle around itself...this process of cycling energy is exactly what happens with a Samskara."

Our Samskaras either get processed - we have the conversations with ourselves and we finish them.  Or they form the blockages in the heart.  The build up, expression of, or release of our samskaras is what determines our Perspective.  I highly recommend reading "The Untethered Soul".  For me, I believe God has plans.   When things happen for a reason, are not contrived or forced, I have to overcome my fears and recognize the samskaras in my heart that might want to hold me back.  With that perspective, I get to share with you that an opportunity to grow The Energy Lab has been placed before us.  So how could I let fear stop me?  I'll keep you posted.  I did look at one of my favorite quotes today, "doors are everywhere. Open them".

"Courage is not acting in the absence of fear, but having fear and doing the right thing anyway."  This is the same approach that we take in training, in classes, in creating a healthy vessel for our physical being and a healthy heart/energy chamber for our mental beings.  It is all connected.

I was so blown away when I spent a weekend in San Francisco recently with Sue Hitzmann, creator of the MELT Method.  She talked about "feeling the vibrations" in our bodies.   I feel vibrations under my skin, but I always thought I was crazy.  It was so refreshing to find out they are real.  I'm not crazy (completely at least:) and that she can explain them scientifically.  It is the energy flow.  When things resonate. When we feel vibrations.  When we are open and living, energy flows.  The energy within.  All of this creates our perspective.  Is it based on open flow? or blocked impressions?    What kind of conversations are you having with yourself? Are they the sames ones replayed over and over again?  So let's let go! Let's live!  I'll be writing more very soon as we complete this full moon and make our way into the new moon! With courage and an open heart~ "living in the now", there may be new beginnings ahead of us!