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3 Steps to Your ONE WORD

In life, sometimes having one focused thought to hang on to is enough to keep us grounded and on the right path towards our best self, towards living a balanced life, and towards our dreams and goals. This is the ONE WORD concept.

Give these three steps a try to discover your ONE WORD, a compass for your life!

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Beginning Meditation. Do You Have the Voices in Your Head Too?

I may not be there yet, but I am getting closer. This year one of my Big 5 goals is to find more peace within, knowing that a steady meditation practice will make all the difference in this aspect of my life. So far, I am in awe of the potential of our brains and our cellular make-up and I like what I am experiencing.

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Part 1: What Lies Underneath....Beauty in unexpected places

I broke this blog down into parts because there is so much to learn physically, psychologically, and emotionally from how the shell we live in reflects our lives in every way. Part 1, reflections of my Anatomy Live experience, working on fresh cadavers and seeing the human body as it is. What does it mean for us?

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