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Health STARTS with PMA

Five years ago I developed a program where like-minded people had an opportunity to come together, to both exercise and to explore their deeper potential. We call it PMA Lab (Positive Mental Attitude). It began as a Boot Camp series where I included self-development and readings from books like The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer and The IMPACT Body Plan by Todd Durkin. We followed the books through workouts and nutrition and always ended up in a "work-in" experience to GET THE MIND RIGHT! Our PMA Lab has evolved as we have evolved. It is back this Fall, with a "shift", meaning, it has evolved. When I am asked what the theme of this PMA Lab is, I can only answer, "that you will experience a shift where you leave what you knew behind, find yourself navigating through elements of chaos, and land in a place of serenity." In the end, finding yourself surrounded by others on the same mission as you. PMA. Try it.

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15 Ways to THE GOOD LIFE in 2015

I believe you've got everything you need to have your best year yet! Here is my short list - 15 and then some! - philosophies, practices, ways of life and simple things we can do to stay healthy, less stressed and more REAL, which all make living so much easier, and even effortless! That's when you're in your zone, your flow, satori!

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