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Beyond Personal Training

The Energy Lab is a judgement-free zone, where caring abounds! What we do is not a job, it is our calling. We shine in the game of caring, because to us, it is not a game, it is simply the result of our passion to change the world! One person at a time. To let someone know that we believe in them to the point that they believe in themselves. Thanks to my mentor and coach, Todd Durkin, for showing to the world what caring looks like in the world of personal training and to NBC Strong for focusing on how STRONG people are capable of being when being strong is their only choice AND when they have someone who believes in them!

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It took some time to come up with my One Word and then it took some courage to say it out loud and to own it. It was sitting content on my heart, but like a lot of my dreams, it needed wings to fly. Sometimes those wings come from unexpected places! My One Word for 2015 is HEART. What is your One Word?

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