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Meditation on purpose

Believe in that small voice inside of you. Listen to the rhythm of your body. Feel its flow and the connections that exist, linking all that is within. Live your energy as only YOU can. Cultivate it. Share it. Set it free. Be contagious with kindness. Be open with love. Be the person you were put on this earth to be.

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Stay Charged!

I've put together 5 simple tips to stay charged through December! Plus The Energy Lab's 24 Days of TRX and 24 Days of InnerStrength workout goals.... Enjoy the season with less stress and more fun! We get the most out of the season when we stay fit and healthy. Join me on our Stay Charged mission!

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Limited Edition

We are all limited editions and every experience is priceless! Today I had a moment after my early morning class to smile about what great people I get to share my 5am hour with and what beautiful commitment and dedication they have! Here is what we did in our workout today and why the struggle is what makes the result so is earned.

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