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What will Pilates with Jill Teach You?

As I found myself working on my rough draft for the book I am a part of, I kept coming back to Pilates. It is an essential part of my practice and what keeps not only my mind right, but my body right. I am so blessed to be as active as I am and injury-free, which I directly attribute to BALANCE! Time for Pilates is essential, along with cardiovascular fitness, my cycling time (which is another of my favorite therapies and one of the best moving meditations!) and then my TRX practice reminds my body how to integrate and strengthen, lengthen, and stabilize. My other workout classes give me 3D movement and play that I feel confident in my body to accomplish based on my foundations of Pilates, core fitness, Cycling, cardiovascular fitness, and TRX, system fitness.I hope this helps for anyone who is currently out of sync in their bodies or experiencing injuries to reconsider their training plans and incorporate some focus and attention to where it all comes from!

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It took some time to come up with my One Word and then it took some courage to say it out loud and to own it. It was sitting content on my heart, but like a lot of my dreams, it needed wings to fly. Sometimes those wings come from unexpected places! My One Word for 2015 is HEART. What is your One Word?

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Part 1: What Lies Underneath....Beauty in unexpected places

I broke this blog down into parts because there is so much to learn physically, psychologically, and emotionally from how the shell we live in reflects our lives in every way. Part 1, reflections of my Anatomy Live experience, working on fresh cadavers and seeing the human body as it is. What does it mean for us?

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