Posts in The Heart

It took some time to come up with my One Word and then it took some courage to say it out loud and to own it. It was sitting content on my heart, but like a lot of my dreams, it needed wings to fly. Sometimes those wings come from unexpected places! My One Word for 2015 is HEART. What is your One Word?

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Stay Charged!

I've put together 5 simple tips to stay charged through December! Plus The Energy Lab's 24 Days of TRX and 24 Days of InnerStrength workout goals.... Enjoy the season with less stress and more fun! We get the most out of the season when we stay fit and healthy. Join me on our Stay Charged mission!

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Leave a mark

I needed a place to write and although this is much more personal than usual, it felt right. "Leave your mark on the world" and "live as though there is no tomorrow" are more than just words. Inhale them into your being and exhale anything that has been holding you back.

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