Do You Have a Mr. Satterfield In Your Life?

So many of us aspire to "live our best life", to get healthy and fit, to leave our mark on the world, and lots of other things, right?

You know what? When you show up authentically, every single day, YOU ARE DOING ALL OF THOSE THINGS. You have IT, but most of us don’t know it.

The "IT" you seek is already happening, but mostly we overlook that small factor and keep searching.

We lose hope, gain frustration, and all sorts of other "give-up-on-ourselves" solutions when we simply don't SEE that what we are looking for is already inside of us!

I had a teacher in high school (some of you may even know him!) - Mr. Satterfield. He was great; great in stature, great in presence, great in expectations, great in that you wanted to please him. If you chose, he was also a great friend. To tell you the truth, I don't even know what subjects he officially taught, but he was my Student Council teacher and advisor. If there was one teacher's name I remember from high school, it was his. He left a mark on me. He cared.

Recently, at San Gorgonio High School, "Satterfield Square" was named and dedicated to his service. I wasn't able to go, but through the eyes of many of my classmates who did attend and through the emotion Mr. Satterfield expressed with his gratitude, I know it meant the world to him.

I thought to myself, this was a high school teacher, showing up every day, doing his job, and always determined to do his best. The dedication of the Square to him is just a token compared to each day that he showed up. Every day didn't have to be perfect. Some days were better than others and there were definitely struggles. But he never gave up and his passion for helping high schoolers only got stronger.

What makes Mr. Satterfield different is his passion, but even more than that, it is that he is not afraid (and never has been) to be different and to do what others wouldn't, to go the extra mile. He lives with passion. He lives with a conviction that everything he does will be special. He embraces life and the things he loves UNABASHEDLY, RECKLESSLY, and definitely WHOLE-HEARTEDLY.

The funny thing is, looking back, he was in his first years of his career as a teacher when I attended. (I never would have guessed this, they all seemed so much older than us right?) He already had IT in him. I saw it then. I felt it then and his IT has only been getting stronger and brighter over the last 30 years.

YOU HAVE IT. It doesn't take forever to grow, it is already inside of you. You do however have to SHOW UP to life and live your purpose. If you don't know your purpose yet, go where your heart leads you, it is there. Take care of your health - physically, mentally and spiritually, you will find it if you haven’t already!