Level Up - Day Two

Imperfect action is better than perfect inaction.

It’s funny how suddenly the excitement of signing up for a challenge converts into the reality of the work to be done to be successful for the challenge! By day two, we realize it may not be so easy, and we have this awesome opportunity to humble ourselves to the work at hand!

I love this part. The grit. What makes participating in any challenge worthwhile, the fact that we get to buckle down and pour ourselves into something we don’t currently have in order to attain something we seek!

And so it begins! Whether it is your second day of food journaling or you have the reality of your body composition or you are discovering that your heart rate likes to rev high and work hard, but maybe too often, harder than it needs to be, we are off and running into the next 8 weeks of stepping into the NEXT LEVEL of ourselves!