3 Steps to Your ONE WORD

It seems too simple to be true.

But in life, sometimes having one focused thought to hang on to is enough to keep us grounded and on the right path towards our best self, towards living a balanced life, and towards our dreams and goals. This is the ONE WORD concept. I learned of it from my mentor, Todd Durkin, and from Mastermind teammates and coaches. The book I have read and re-read yearly is “One Word That Will Change Your Life” by Jon Gordon, Dan Britton and Jimmy Page.

Chris Pan is another thought leader in the ONE WORD process. He created a company called MyIntent to offer people a way to keep their ONE WORD close by, in fact, to wear it in the form of very simple jewelry.

Over the years, I have used my ONE WORD to frame my year and as a compass or guiding star. It is something that when I feel lost or scattered, I can always go back to. It brings me back to the process of why I chose it and what it has to teach me.

ONE WORD is a powerful, yet simple, tool to check-in with. It is not always what you think you want in your life, but it is often what might be needed. For this reason, here are some steps to finding your ONE WORD that have worked for me and that might be helpful to you as well!

Enjoy the process ~ I’d love to hear what your ONE WORD is once you find it!

3 steps to Your One Word

  1. CLEARING - meditation practice. Simple. But intentional. Give yourself time and space to sit and simply be. Practice emptying the mind. Sit in, and with, nothing. You might notice how hard it is to release control of your thoughts. Be patient, it takes time and practice. Start with 1 minute, move to 3, then 5. Before you know it, with consistent practice, you’ll be spending time with yourself for 10-20 minutes. (More on creating your meditation space in the resources at the end). Additionally, sage or santo palo wood burning can be helpful for clearing the energy in the space you choose to meditate or find your word in.

  2. LISTENING - once you have given yourself permission to be alone with yourself, absent of distractions, you can hear your inner voice. You can get to know the light in your soul. You can re-acquaint yourself with your gifts, your purpose, and rekindle the spark that you were born with. This is powerful. Notice the journey to and in this space. It is pretty precious, but often missed because we are too busy looking for an outcome instead of listening to the self.

  3. MANIFESTING - Your word will find you. It is not something you can consciously choose. It is a feeling that has not been acknowledged or satisfied within you yet, or one that was once present but has been stifled by life. Once you have your word in mind, you will begin to see it all around you. It will stand out to you in songs or ads or readings. And then, you’ll know!

Why give yourself a word to live by as we turn the calendars?

  • A theme you can always go back to and remind yourself of

  • Focus for sticking to a direction for your life and a compass to your “next”

Meditation resources

✨ A happy place- from lighting to music or sounds (or absence of)

✨ Tools like a meditation cushion (zafu)

✨ Candle flame, fountain, chimes, trees, a focal point to stare into (closing eyes is good too as long as you don’t fall asleep!

✨ A journal to conclude with and note any observations