Health STARTS with PMA

spakling As I was sharing this picture, I was thinking about all the ways we sparkle.

When you sparkle, you shine, and when you shine, health radiates out of you and through you!

But where does the sparkle really come from?

This morning in our Breakthrough class at The Energy Lab, I was standing across from one of our members; we were tossing sandbags back and forth while standing on a beam in lunge position. Not bad to keep all of that straight at 5:30 in the morning! But as I suggested we add the lunge up and down, she quickly said, "oh no, I can't do that."

I didn't have to say what came next, the guy next to her said it for me, "with that attitude, of course you can't do that." He said it nicely and joking with her, o but it was a great reminder of our PMA Code!

We have this "rule" at The Energy Lab, it's a code called PMA. It means Positive Mental Attitude.  So even if there is something we can't do today or at a given moment, we recognize it as something we can work towards over-coming and doing another day if it is meant to be for us!

So, where does the sparkle really come from again?    I think the sparkle comes from health and I think health comes from having a positive mental attitude. PMA.

So maybe the question is; where and how do you get PMA? The answer is inside of you. It is already there. It is simply a SHIFT in your way of thinking. There are many days I could walk out of my door before 5am to head in to my "job" (I never call it a job, it is my work, and actually it is my "life's work") knowing I will be at my "job" until about 9pm, miserable before I even get there.  I could let my attitude focus on how long a day it will be, on all of the things I have to do, on all of the decisions I will have to make and all of the energy I will have to encounter. It could be exhausting just to think about. Instead, I don't even question it anymore; I have trained my attitude to know it is something that I just do. That I have chosen to do and that I will learn a lot more in that day than most people learn in a week, in a month, in a lifetime. Suddenly, this day is a gift and I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to make a difference in the world in some small way. To feel health radiate from me and also sustain me, simply because I have chosen an attitude that is positive. To sparkle.

surround-yourself-same-missionDon't get me wrong, not all days sparkle as much as other days. We all have those days, but we are in control of deciding how we will handle them. The people I see greeting life with PMA tend to last longer, get sick far less often, and they are the people others want to be around. We gravitate towards what attracts us. Like attracts like and soon we find ourselves surrounded by others on the same mission as ourselves.