Are you ready for something Audacious?


I DARE YOU. Anerican flag


To make "IT" happen this time.

What would our life be (would we even be here) if our country's founding fathers did not take an audacious leap of faith and create something purely because they believed in it?
I recently heard it said of one of the top business owners in America ( who also happens to live in and contribute significantly to our Redlands community) as he sat in on a meeting, "We must be audacious. I can't believe others don't see life this way. They are afraid to 'go big'."
The world is full of "small minds".  We have an opportunity to soar with eagles every day.  Are you willing to "go big" and surround yourself with eagles? Or will "small mind" mentality keep you from reaching your full potential?  I spoke about this a lot in our 4 Pillars Workshop in March and I will be offering a new Goal Setting Workshop again this summer the first week of August - stay tuned for day and time! Until then...
  • What are three things YOU WOULD DO this summer if you could do anything at all?  (Be Audacious!)
  • Now what are three things YOU CAN DO this summer to work towards that?

I came up with three of my Summer-time MUST-DO's:

  1. RECHARGE. For me, I set a goal last July in my BIG 5 for the year to take a 5-day family get-away, driving distance, not linked to any events or gatherings like family reunions. It turns out I am close to my goal. I could not get 5 days away from the studio, but I am making 3.5 days happen. This may not seem like a BIG goal to most people. but to get both Sean and I out of the studio for 3.5 days turns out to be quite a big deal! When I wrote it last summer, it did seem unthinkable to me, but necessary.  I still don't know how it is going to work out, but I know it is a MUST-DO!
  2. REFLECT. We are 6 months into the year. Time is precious. Every day, every minute is a gift. How are we living those moments?  I like to capture moments. They are important to me. They show us the way, remind us of what we are capable of and push us to be more.  Whether the moments are pictures, writings, artwork, inspirations - take a look at them. Put them into a place where they can be visible and looked back at . My goal is to complete (with the help of a few amazing people and big hearts) The Energy Lab 2013-2014 and 2014-2015 albums.  You have seen our first two years in pictures, but now it is time to get you a look at years three and four!  On my personal side, I have spent some time going through pictures and talking to my kids about the family stories I remember.  I am going to see my Grandma who is 88 this weekend and lives in Washington State.  My hope is to write down some of her memories about her parents, my grandpa and his parents and to bring pictures to put names and dates with.  I want to make sure I come back and share these memories with my son who can't come with us, as he's expressed a lot of interest in his heritage!
  3. REACH.  For the stars! Aim high. No "small minds" here. Like our forefathers in 1776 on the Birthday of the United States, soar with eagles.  Were some of them scared? Probably. Did they take a risk and explore unknown territory? Absolutely. Was it worth it?  I think we are living proof.  Are we doing our part to uphold those standards and carry on the tradition of not only dreaming, but also of courageously achieving?  I DARE YOU to REACH.  Think about what is important to you, what is on your mind and perhaps currently seems AUDACIOUS.  In our Goal Setting, we talk about what we call BHAG's {BIG HAIRY AUDACIOUS GOALS}.    What is yours?  I have one that has been on my list for three years now. It is to become a presenter at a regional or national fitness industry conference. I run a business. I am a wife and a mom to two teen-agers. I am a full time personal trainer/ wellness coach and I love to teach classes. Where is the time to write up presentations, to brainstorm and to dream and then to apply, to get the time away from the studio and coaching my clients? And then, in the back of my mind - FEAR. Will anyone want to listen to me or hear what I have to say?   If I did not have fear about this goal, it would not be AUDACIOUS. That means it is something worth striving for. What will happen? I do not know, but I will know that I tried!  I just submitted my first presentation for a Summit in Northern California and I may be getting my foot in the door at IDEA World this summer. I am REACHING.
I'm excited to spend the summer talking through YOUR BHAG's (big hairy audacious goals).  Think about 3 things you can do this summer to begin the process!
And THANK YOU for your part in my journey!