Explorers Wanted


Spring forward. Perfect timing! Newness. Change. Ready to say YES. To Explore. What is that twinge of excitement? What is it?  The itch that there is something waiting for us we have not yet explored? The desire to wake up one morning and make the decision to change? Just like that. No extra worry or wondering.  The ability to know that fear exists and to do something regardless of it. That is what it is.

Did you know that the seed for your change was planted long ago?  And probably it was an interaction, a relationship, a moment with another person or a word said or read by another that began the process. Maybe this seed has been inside of you for a long time waiting for the right moment. Or maybe a certain wind of change just delivered it to you. In any case, it is there. If you feel its presence you are both lucky and aware.  There is no other time. Now is the only time that exists.

This is your bloom lt pink peach clustersmoment. Act on it. If you don't hear "it", start listening. "It" is inside of you.  We are nature and nature is us. That means everything is at the same time temporary and permanent.  Everything in nature is perfect in that it is also imperfect. That is what makes it so beautiful.  And so are we.  If you are waiting for the perfect moment, you will wait forever. Take your cue from nature and act now. Ready or not. Change is here.  All things done with good intentions and born out of nature and beauty cannot but help be beautiful themselves.  Try it. I think you will be happily surprised.

azalea bloom

"This is your moment. Act on it."


Change is required. And that is not easy.  In fact, the one thing we can count on in life is change.   That means never settling, oblivious to the status quo.  It is a constant stream of energy, a source, a well, that is so much deeper than ourselves alone can ever be, like the vibrations of the universe chattering until the perfect note becomes clear and lands in the right place at the right time. That means we have to be always tending to ourselves, always ready. The reason we make our beds. The reason we turn fields and till soil. The reason we maintain the fitness and integrity of our bodies and live in such a way that we do not have to fight disease, but we are living in wellness.  The reason we surround ourselves with those we admire the most and those we can learn from and aspire to be.  The reason we read, journal, meditate and practice mindfulness.  The reason we create our best versions.

Where and what will you explore? You might be fearful. That's part of it and it means whatever it is, it is something important enough to you to cause a strong emotion. Exploring and overcoming those "somethings" are what make the ordinary extraordinary. Go out and be extraordinary!