Do you have a word for the year?  Just one word? A theme for your growth, a mantra, a connection to where you are in your life?  I was challenged in December to come up with one word that would keep me focused and fulfilled for 2015. The book, "One Word that will change your life" by Gordon, Britton and Page was recommended to me and in it I found...  

"One Word That Will Change Your Life is a proven way to create clarity, power, passion, and life change. Each year, resolutions are rarely kept, and goals are often easily forgotten.  But One Word sticks.  By living a single word that is meant for you, you'll find renewed purpose and meaning throughout the year and achieve laser-like focus and power for your life."

What would your One Word be?  I was surprised by how hard it was for me to come up with one word.  Phrases came to mind, two or three words came into my head, a word that seemed like it could be the one, and then, I would second-guess myself.  The goal is to empty the mind of noise and let go of the clutter of life to simply disengage and listen to what the soul needs.  When we are quiet is when things come to us.  That is how you hear your word. In the silence.  I fell into the same traps most people do, not trusting the word that kept coming to me, thinking there must be something more profound. But every time I went back to the silence it was there. My word.  HEART.

"One Word That Will Change Your Life is a proven way to create clarity, power, passion, and life change."


I knew when I was at my fascia dissection class with Anatomy Live and Institute of Motion, and I was so curious to see the heart that there were many reasons HEART was my word for 2015. The heart disease that runs in my family and my burning desire to keep my heart healthy because of it is part of my passion for living a healthy lifestyle and teaching others to do the same.  Later a conversation with my coach solidified my one word to the point I spoke up and finally said it out loud. It was the first time I had said it, which, of course, made it real!  He said to me, "run your business based on both the head and the heart", I said to myself, "yes, that is what I am talking about." With heart. The heart. A reflection of the soul. Fragile. Strong. The vessel. A miracle -the intricacies of it. Can be opened from the inside only. All of these things along with references that grab my attention everywhere I look about HEART, I had my one word.

2015heartNotice your heart and take care of your heart, spiritually, mentally, and physically.  It is not enough to be strong in only one area; strength and balance in all three are essential.  Just like the heart is a double-pump chamber; it could not exist or operate well without all of its parts doing their share.  When I considered HEART as my word, I reflected on it as a verb in the slang context, "I (HEART) you", an adverb and/or adjective, "with heart", "hearty soup", and a noun, "the HEART".  Just like it needs to be taken care of spiritually, mentally and physically - it can be used in our language and have several meanings, all flowing to the same concept.  The beauty of the heart is that it is an organ as well as a muscle. It supplies our life-force. It beats, it hums, it resonates, it speaks.

It speaks to me.  I am excited about it and love the thought of what I can accomplish this year with my HEART guiding me.  I hope you take time to reflect on what your word might be and how it can shape your life, your year, maybe even reading this, your day.