Check in! Know your mantra


Today I am thankful for summer sunsets. Summer thunderstorms. Summer trips. Summer visits with family. Summer sleeping-in for the kids! And Summer moments of reflection!  Thankful for another full moon (tonight is the Supermoon, the biggest and brightest full moon we'll see all year!)  Checking in with myself under a summer nighttime breeze, a sea of wispy clouds, a full moon rising and realizing my mantra....

My mantra: TO BE HAPPY!


I am also excited to move forward! "Eyes forward! Here we go!" is what my mentor Patti Newcombe said as a way of getting everyone going. As most of you know, to get people going, I encourage you to first "Check in!"  Now is the time to CHECK IN. EYES FORWARD. HERE WE GO! It feels so good to see so many of you returning from summer. Whatever summer was or is for you. I can feel a sense of newness and an anticipation to return to our routines, our habits, our schedules.

Each of us comes back somehow changed. We don't know where each person has been or what they have been going through. It is often strange to me that we can be right next to someone and have no idea about their story. Battles and burdens often go not talked about and occasionally triumphs and successes are mentioned. We all have this amazing power to get up and move through our days because it is what we do. I admire the strength I see in each one of you in doing that. But at some point, are we just going through the motions?  Like attracts like. Positive energy attracts positive energy. An object in motion remains in motion.  What we continually do, we tend to continually do more of until the pattern is broken.  BREAK THE PATTERN. CHECK IN. (who am I?) OPEN YOUR EYES. GO.

To break a pattern it takes a catalyst.  New jobs, kids heading off to college, beginning high school, even little ones starting preschool (and the parents adjusting their schedules!), births and deaths, and more....these things are all catalysts! I've even seen some of our teachers getting a little bit nervous about beginning a new school year. Use this itch that is in the air  to drive, to motivate, to push! Get out of the comfort zone!  And if you don't have a forced catalyst, create your own.

In this place of newness decide to BE THE CHANGE.  We've come 8 months from the time most people sit down to set some goals.  You may have been one of those people and have written some goals for yourself. Where are those goals sitting now?  and where are you in terms of achieving them?  A few weeks ago I offered a second GOALS WORKSHOP that re-introduced some of my best practices for working through and towards the lives we dream of.  The principles of this workshop are:

  • Most successful people live their lives backwards.
  • Ask yourself: WHO AM I?
  • What would you say in a letter to your legacy on your last day on earth?
  • BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) - what is yours?
  • Narrow down to things you plan on accomplishing within time frames (5 years, 1 year, 30 days, etc)
  • Daydream. Consider the things you would do if you knew you could not fail. Write them down.

If you have not discovered any of these things about yourself yet, what are you waiting for?  We only get one chance at this life.  If you are feeling the hint of change in the air, drive full-force into it!  CHECK IN. EYES FORWARD. HERE WE GO.  Or, another of my mentors, Todd Durkin, reminds me READY.FIRE.AIM.

Do you want to eat better? Do you want to move more? Do you want to sleep better? Do you want to be more productive and have more energy? Do you want to be more mindful of your relationships with others? Be a better parent, sister, friend, son, spouse, employee?

It is within your grasp. And in the same way we approach exercise and the connection of our minds to our bodies it takes a lot of small steps.  The answers are already within you, waiting to be uncovered.  But it is not as simple as reading the article in the magazine titled "30 days to a flatter stomach" and expect it to happen. You earn it day by day and one step at a time.  And in the process you will learn more about yourself and your relationships and this world we live in than you may have ever thought possible.

We all start somewhere and we all have the same number of hours in a day. How we use them is what matters. READY.FIRE.AIM.

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