Positive Mental Attitude ~ I'm training for...


PMA. (Positive Mental Attitude)  How we think about something defines and creates our circumstances.  Life is going to happen no matter what.  How we prepare, respond and react to it are what defines us.  In a way, we are always "in training".  Especially when we are humble and seek out knowledge, acknowledging that we don't have all the answers, we have to put ourselves into training mode! Training mode is good!  It is an action step.  ACTION.   We don't only dream or talk about or write down goals, but we take the steps to accomplish something.  Whatever that something is.

What is your something?  What are you willing to say, "I need to get better at this...."?  What are you willing to be vulnerable to?

The expert in anything was once a beginner...

What are you willing to put your status quo and comfort zone on the line for?  What event or accomplishment will give you bragging rights?  What have you always wanted to do or be?  It could be as simple as "I am in training to get better at my PMA!" Or "I am in training for changes occurring in my life!"  Mud Runs, Spartan Races, Marathons, Triathlons, Century rides, joining the soccer team, starting at The Energy Lab, beginning a new job, changes in relationships, witnessing births or saying goodbye to lives, opening a business, sending a child off to school, to get healthy!  All of these things and so much more are events. They are life. Yet no one teaches us how to do them.

A yoga teacher of mine, Max Strom, author of A Life Worth Breathing, brings up the fact that pregnant women are the only people in our society that are given specific lessons on how to breathe.  Labor is a stressor on the body and breathing is taught to be able to cope with this stress.  He questions why it is that pregnant women are the only people we teach how to breathe? What if we learned in school how to breathe through stressful situations.  We would probably get through life a little bit easier!  What if we also learned how to train for something?

What if we also learned how to train for something? (I repeated that on purpose!)  I am always surprised by the number of people I work with and encounter who, for one, don't know how to breathe, and secondly, who don't see life as a process, but only as an end result.  The act of living is the process. Without it, there is no end result.  The same is true of training.  It is in all the small steps that add up to the event or goal that makes the difference and allows for success.

Whether you know what you are training for or the fact that I am encouraging you to think about something you might want to train for is all you need. Write down the first thing that comes to mind....and you have a training goal!  (This practice is a little bit like our goal setting practice in which you dream!)  Our next PMA Bootcamp Series is exactly what you need!


Second, PMA is about like-minded people supporting and cheering each other on towards each person's best version!  It is an individual experience in a group environment!

Third, PMA is the source of laughter, strength, deeper awareness of self, introspection, reflection, and most definitely change!

Oh yeah, and you are going to get a physical workout! An inward work-in! and a whole lot of AND THEN SOME!