Only in my dreams....

Only in my dreams....But why?  

Why do we think good things can only happen to us in our dreams?

I challenge you to turn your dreams into is how: 


Very rarely do I have dreams like most people think of dreams, the kind when you are asleep and you wake up knowing that you had dreamed or you wake up from a dream.  I am sure that I do dream in my sleep and I can recall some sleep dreams, but most of my dreams happen while I am awake. While I am in a clear connected place. I have the urge to grab a notebook and write down what seem to be just thoughts.  When I look back at my notes, I realize, they are more than just thoughts. They are dreams.  Like sleep dreams, they occur without any conscious effort.  Suddenly, they are on a piece of paper in front of me.  And usually when I am looking for answers I look back to my notebooks and find the answers were written there all along.  It is a very handy system God has given me.  I bet you have it too.


dreams a size too big

One of my favorite pictures I put into my daughter's room when she was born is, "God gives us dreams a size too big so that we can grow into them".


To unveil a dream takes courage. Another of my favorite quotes is, "Dreams don't work unless you do."  My thoughts, dreams, musings that are placed in my notebooks during centered moments of reflection and writing mean little unless they are looked at again later and deciphered. That takes work from two different perspectives.  First, work to take the time to notice things going through your mind and to write them down.  Work to bring yourself to a centered place where they can flow from. I believe they are there all along, they are a part of our plan.  Like our bodies that are whole and healthy and want to be well even when they are not feeling well, they just need to be given the means to be well.  The same goes for our soul, the dreams are there when the other "stuff" of life is emptied out or quieted.  I call that "the calm within the chaos" and it can be achieved through mindfulness and meditation.  It can also be achieved by knowing oneself and staying aligned with your self.  The other aspect of work that is necessary for dreams to work is to have the courage to go out on the limb and be vulnerable in such a way that you do not have the answers. And then to humbly work to find them.  When I am faced with a problem or a thought poses a challenge to my psyche, I go back to where I have been before, my notebooks. Or I go back to reading from my mentors, favorite authors, letters from family members and friends.  Go back to wisdom given by those who have justly shaped our lives.  My dreams are there.  What I had been thinking of all along is there and it is often the answer to my question.

LIVE YOUR LIFE BACKWARDS.  I have the answers before I have the questions, and I don't even know they are answers yet.   They are the dreams that are "too big" and until the time is right to grow in to them, they remain in notebooks.  That is why we have to be willing to grow. To branch out and to take the leap out of our comfort zones.  To discover the dreams that have been waiting for us. I see it every day and it breaks my heart.  People afraid to grow. Afraid of themselves and unaware that their "too big" dreams are waiting for them to muster their courage and step out of their box into that liberated place of realizing your dreams.happy place

I applaud you who I see:

Show up despite fear.

Push like a champion ("a champion is someone who gets back up when he can't"~Jack Dempsey).

Dare to dream...because it is only in your dreams...

To sum up. THE HOW.

Spend time with yourself. Get to know yourself and experience the space between the thoughts. Notice mental clarity and the "calm within the chaos".

Write things down, anything and everything. Keep your notes and writings in a collected place. Add  notes from others that inspire you and cause you to reflect.

Look back.  Your answers are there. Waiting for you.