Island of misfit toys

misfit-toys If you've seen Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer you know what I'm talking about.  There is an "Island of Misfit toys" who have found each other and exist in their own little community.  They always make me laugh and I think about them this time of year.  I have declared myself a "misfit toy" and when I compare notes with people I get to sweat with, workout with, stretch, MELT, and practice Pilates with, I find out they are sometimes "misfit toys" too.  We usually realize this when we talk about our weekends and the holiday gatherings we attend.  We find out that a lot of people around us let their workouts fall to the side and eat things they would not normally eat.  It seems strange that during a time you would think we would want to stay healthy to enjoy the season and feel good about ourselves, we sabotage ourselves instead.

Right now, we are experiencing some of the best workouts of the year! There are a lot of people doing some downright awesome things.  And what's even cooler, is that they say to me, "I could not have done that at this time last year." Their consistent efforts and intentional planning and goal-setting and dedication to carrying out their intentions is what makes them different.  A little bit like a "misfit toy".   All of us "misfit toys" should wear buttons proudly identifying ourselves.  But then, we don't need to.  The "misfit toys" are typically the ones who don't cancel workouts because they get busy. Everyone is busy and has the same 24 hours in the day.  How those hours are used is what differentiates.  The "misfit toys" probably ate something healthy before going to the holiday party or are the ones with the plates full of whatever greens they could find available.  They are also the ones who tend to remain healthy through the holidays and after! And their goals usually have long term impact, knowing that anything worth having does not come overnight or easily.  I am thankful for the "misfit toys"!

Life, of course, is about balance. And the "misfit toys" do dream of fitting in. We've probably all gone through phases of being a "misfit toy" at one time or another, and then not-a-misfit toy at other times.  But maybe, fitting in is overrated.  Maybe being happy in your skin, peaceful in your mind, and joyful in your life is worth being a "misfit toy" once in a while.

If you are curious about getting off the roller coaster and the downward spirals, and to live intentionally, it begins with just this thought. The thought becomes action and the action leads you to a life more about who you are rather than what you do or what your roles are.  Set some goals. Learn how. Ask yourself, "who am I?" Define. Explore. Live on purpose. Things are not always what they appear and even among the "misfit toys" we have opportunities to learn something. Be Humble. Be Hungry. Be Healthy. Be Happy. Be.