Enter the warrior world

Enter the warrior world.  Warriors understand humility. Warriors understand gratitude. Warriors move with grace, ease, and confidence.  We are all warriors. Sometimes our "warrior scale" may run higher and sometimes it may be a little weak.

The warrior mentality is a state of being.  We are all warriors.  When we think like warriors, we become warriors. And once you are a warrior, you cannot settle for anything less, or there is a disturbance in the body.  That disturbance usually manifests as sickness, fatigue, disease, anxiety, over-eating, injuries, poor sleep, etc. You know what I am talking about.  Usually when we are done with our fitness and movement classes or sessions, especially the ones that really hit the deep layers of our being, we feel alive, energized, and downright invincible.  We are in a heightened state of awareness and operating at high level frequencies.  But once outside The Energy Lab doors (or in from your game, run, ride, swim, etc)  we re-enter the other state of being that is found in line at the grocery store, or in parking lots, at school pick-ups, work meetings, on the couch; the one where everyone appears to be living in a zombie-like mode, resonating at a low frequency.  Habits make us. If we are used to the habit of living at low frequencies, we will be less than our warrior selves and will carry disturbances in the body.  When our habits keep us operating at high frequencies, we enter the warrior world.  Habits that keep us finely tuned and in warrior state are ones that MOVE us well, NOURISH us well, allow us to SLEEP well, and MANAGE STRESS well.  I call them "pillars", like the 4 legs of a stool, each one necessary to support its weight or the entire system is compromised.  Paul Chek refers to them as the "Last Four Doctors You Will Ever Need".   When these four things are in place,your disturbances are minimized and your warrior attributes shine through.

A quote I recently came across by Pema Cedron resonated with me as I was thinking about gratitude and warrior living and how it is all manifested in our body's movement patterns, especially one I have recently discovered, called Jungshin® Fitness.

 "Rejoicing in ordinary things is not sentimental or trite.  It actually takes guts.  Each time we drop our complaints and allow everyday good fortune to inspire us, we enter the warrior's world."

I challenge you to notice the ordinary things in your life, let go of complaints.  We could all "be happier when...".  I hear it all of the time. "It will be better next week, when I get a new job, when the kids go back to school, when I go on vacation, when this project is over", etc. What if you knew that there is no WHEN. There is only now and the way to feel now is to notice what is right in front of us and to have the guts to make it OK and to be grateful that it IS.  In Jungshin® Fitness, which means "focused mind", we use our connection to our swords, made of energetic red oak, to feel as though our  "spine is like the surface of the earth feeling the pull of gravity, yet receiving a much stronger push from electromagnetism below. If we can rely on the push, movement becomes effortless!" ~Annika Kahn.  When movement is effortless, we become the warrior. A deep sense of simplicity and humility prevail as we feel our place in the universe and cherish what IS. Something magical occurs.

It’s about who you are on the inside not just in spirit but on a profound cellular level as well. It’s a system that honors the micro to the macro projections of movement and life. It’s a moving meditation that allows for re-covery, re-generation of health, re-newing of connection to breath and community and authentic truths. The physical form generated comes from the attention within which includes one’s relationship to food. It’s about being so honest with one self and others that when one is out of alignment, the body cannot move well. It’s about focused mind and life force (Energy|Electricity). It’s about knowing your true power and being able to take this essence into ANY exercise. It’s about getting rid of roadblocks and getting some sexy biceps as by-products. ~ Annika Kahn

When we have moved like our bodies were created to move, as fluid beings, and when we experience the elixir of life, the sweat that is the outcome of deep intentions, and when we realize how precious these sensations are and humble ourselves to them, we enter the warrior world.  Innate behaviors, raw, sexy, and powerful that come from our ancestry and mimic wild animals are magnified.  Senses are heightened.  Living at high frequencies and appreciating the ordinary things become our way of life. Try it.