Whether you come to The Energy Lab every day, once in awhile, or have never been inside, but like to read about what we are doing - Thank you!  It may be that we get to see those who are fit or are on a journey towards increasing their fitness more than those who only think about it.  We are here for our fit population to remain fit and have fun living in their bodies.  We are also here for everyone on the journey.  But most people who do not consider themselves fit, think they have to get fit to come in.  WHAT?  That is what we are really here for ~ to help people get fit by coming in! Unless from the time you were 5 years old you never stopped jump roping, riding bikes around the neighborhood, playing tag, or swinging across monkey bars, you have had to regain your fitness and re-establish movement patterns.  That is probably most of us!  At some point, we had to make the decision to "become fit" and that meant beginning a program, a habit, a routine!  That is not easy, but it doesn't have to be hard either!

Who cares?  I do.

Obesity is now considered a disease in the United States. It's time to start a counter-movement!  We have cards I call our "r-nought cards" in the studio to invite anyone needing a nudge into The Energy Lab.  Our goal is to become the carriers of wellness and spread a contagion of fitness.  (See Blog - How Many People Can You Infect?)  But that is not enough.  Roughly 98% of our population is not exercising.  The Centers for Disease Control telling people they have to get exercising is not enough.  Doctors, family members, friends telling people they have to start exercising is not enough.

Non-exercisers cannot be told they have to exercise, they have to decide they want to.  For that to happen, it has to be easy, the desire to change has to be great, and the chance of the activity being done repeatedly has to increase.  "If we increase the number of times someone performs an activity, we are more likely to establish a habit" - Lally et al, 2010.  It would take baby steps, small goals, trust, and a level of autonomy.  Shorter periods of time, green exercise (an outdoor component), a behavior change component, and a community have all been found to support those steps towards a habit of exercise.

I was at an amazing session called "Breaking Barriers to Exercise" by Rodney Corn, co-founder of PTA Global.  And I had one of the many "ah haaa moments" of my IDEA World Fitness Convention experience.  He proposed, "What if there was an exercise community for the general population that has an outdoor component and integrated a behavior change format"?  That would be the ideal situation to get people moving.  Then he said, "It's on the other side of the fence. The traditional fitness industry is locked in a box."  I could barely contain myself!  I wanted to raise my hand, jump up and shout, "NO! IT DOES EXIST.  AND WE ARE DOING IT.  IT IS THE ENERGY LAB!"  My path has been "the road less traveled" and the creation of The Energy Lab has been to provide a community and an experience where we can "create the best versions of ourselves"!

PMA Lab (positive mental attitude):  community-driven, for the general population, short, fun physical activities that allow for choice and autonomy, and includes a behavior change, the work-in/ get-your-mind-right component, along with a nutrition buffet, books, tokens of our experiences and reflections.

Now is the time.