How many people can you infect?

"Obesity is the dominant unmet world health issue" - World Health Organization

Something that we all have control over, our own bodies, has become an epidemic.  It is literally killing us.  And it is more than a social issue.  It is a financial issue, a behavior issue, and a disease.   We could talk about it or we can each do our part to do something about it!  If there can be an obesity epidemic, could there also be a movement or a fitness epidemic?  Wouldn't that be awesome?  If everyone in the world moved so much that we became a population that just moved too much?  Our r nought values would soar (r nought being the basic reproductive rate of an infection where the number of cases one case generates on average over the course of its infectious period increases, the larger the value of r nought, the harder it is to control the epidemic).  Imagine a fitness infection! But instead, we have an obesity infection.  There are fast food chains everywhere, so many that we don't even notice them anymore.  But we do notice gyms and fitness centers, and parks and fields,  because they are few and far between.  So two things are happening: we are eating terribly and not moving well enough or often enough.  Add a third thing, technology, and now we are sitting ourselves to death too!  It seems bleak.  What is interesting is that even our pets are fat.  We cannot blame vending machines or fast food for that.  Simple inactivity, not enough movement!  Who knows what they are being fed and we know that what goes into our bodies absolutely plays a role.  We become what we eat.  But we were also designed to move!  I cannot say this enough!  1c4b4d1217690e50cd3343c686dd980d Let's see how we can infect as many people as possible with fitness! Infect and increase our r nought values for movement!  Become the most passionate person you know~ it will become contagious!  I dare you! We have created cards we will be spreading in an attempt to infect people in our lives with the opportunity to experience movement in a fun and safe environment.  Some people like to run, some to swim, others to bicycle or play on sports teams.  Some people like to move and strengthen their bodies in a group environment.  It doesn't matter what it is, as long as it gets us moving!  Eventually, it becomes what you do, not when you have time, but what you do to enhance your time.  To make your existence on earth a joy and not a burden.  To live in a body that you feel good in and not one that weighs you down.  To inspire others to feel that same sensation of ease and comfort in a body that moves well. I saw a quote I loved today: "I don't find the time to exercise. I make the time to exercise."  It is a gift to have bodies that are capable of moving  for those of us who have no excuses.  Some people are born with excuses or things happen that take abilities away from them.  And yet, they are the ones we often see working the hardest through all kinds of challenges to be able to move.  We tend to want things more when we no longer have them. Get moving!  Let exercise be medicine! Every time we move our bodies consciously and have a good time doing it, we are injected with a dose of self-esteem, confidence and our r nought value increases.  How many people can you infect?