A Refreshing Approach to Movement....big green bums and little blue smurfs

movement I had the most awesome opportunity to study movement.   Movement that allows possibilities and has less to do with exercise and muscles and more to do with actual mechanics and performance.  Movement defined simply by what direction in space and what orientation in space bones are moving.  Movement as a verb, not a state of being.  Movement that looks at the body holistically.  Movement for anyone looking to create wellness, for anyone seeking a way out of injury or to stay injury-free, and for anyone whose goal is to improve performance.  And movement that looks at the body through the eyes of a six-year old.  That is why one approach to understanding the movement of the pelvis is to imagine a "big green bum".  And movement that squishes the "little blue smurfs" or stretches them in joints is another approach.  It completely made sense and while it was mentally like running several marathons back to back over the course of four days, it was ridiculously liberating!

This was a mentorship I attended offered by John Hardy.  I knew he was brilliant.  It was his humility that spoke the loudest.  One of my favorite statements from him was, "We're English now.  Even if you're brilliant, you're average."  It is so simple.  Just get bodies moving! To reduce pain and muscle stiffness, the likelihood of injury, and to keep the body well, you just have to be active a lot and for a long time!  The hard part is to let go of everything we know and to go back to a very basic premise and perspective.  Bones move. Joints feel. Muscles React.  We spent three days talking about how bones move and what joints feel.  For just part of a fourth day, we discussed the role muscles have in our movement.  Our heads were spinning with maps and charts of the body. One person would get up and act out a movement so that they could wrap their head around what we were talking about and we could all picture it.  There were many "ah haa" moments and many moments where someone would look confused and say, "wait, I just don't get that. Show me again."  It was crazy to think that we move all the time, and yet, we do not know what or how we are moving.  And it was very challenging to describe our movement in terms of bones and joints and not just muscles.

With John and with our mentorship group there was a level of respect, trust,  humility, and vulnerability. "Be humble. Be hungry." is one of my ways of looking at our learning process.  To be humble, we must be able to be vulnerable to what we don't know. To be hungry, we must be willing to seek knowledge.  For every movement there is a story. There is something we know and something we don't know and there is the middle ground in between.   With Faster Training you are always right and a Faster  Trainer will always be able to win an argument because the mechanics don't lie and the mechanics are the most real thing.  A bold statement for our industry that has become so focused on muscle strength and development, is that the muscles are not really the most important thing (unless you need to grow them for show) because what is the point of being muscle strong (t-shirt strong) if you cannot move?

The beauty is that when you move well, you remain injury free and you enjoy moving! "The bottom line is that everyone I know who is more active than less active loves being active!" ~ John Hardy.  The benefit to being active a lot and for a long time is that your body knows the right places to go and it will find them for you.  This occurs best when you don't think so hard about things or over-complicate matters, but truly and authentically find the enjoyment in a body that moves well.

Bottom line: Simplify and get moving! Get kids moving! Parents telling their kids to get moving should be moving too!

Finally, an approach that looks at the long-term condition of the human body!   The Faster Approach has been alive and well in the United Kingdom, Australia and Thailand.  I was honored to be among the first 8 of  20 trainers in the United States that John Hardy will teach his Faster Principles to.  These trainers  passionately live their life's calling to better themselves and the clients they serve.  I am excited to collaborate with John and my fellow Faster Trainers to create programming and to educate other  like-minded trainers, coaches, physical therapists, and anyone else who studies human movement.

Stay tuned or visit my website www.energylabfitness.com for more information on training or visit www.fasterglobal.com for more information and soon to see my profile along with the profiles of the other outstanding trainers who will be leading the Faster charge into the United States!