Balancing Chaos...

photo (1) the kitchen and in life!  Because we all need to find that place where we can escape our realities. Where we can just be. Where we can get our dose of meditation.  Where we can find the calm in the chaos. "Technique is a way of balancing the chaos of the everyday world with a little kitchen precision."~ Kim Boyce, Good to the Grain.

I walked into my sister's kitchen to deliver an over-due birthday present and came away with Blueberry Huckle Buckle to share with my clients and classes for Memorial Day tomorrow.  She has become quite the baker.  It is her meditation.  In a world where she can not always control circumstances, she can find precision in her recipes and creations.   Her current inspiration is from "Good to the Grain" by Kim Boyce.  The winding road that led her to this began when I asked her to come to The Energy Lab's  Grocery Store Nutrition Tour at  Clarks Nutrition Center.  She was introduced to the bulk foods area and how to use the assortment of healthy whole grains available to us to feed our families better!  This recipe uses spelt flour, which has "footprints in the Stone Age and fingerprints in the Old Testament".  For those of you asking me about the Bible Grains....this is one of them!  While she waited for me to bring back some blueberries and plain yogurt needed for the recipe, she whipped up an olive oil cake that combined the flavors of fresh rosemary with dark chocolate chips and olive oil instead of butter.  In this cookbook, you can also find recipes for seeded granola, quinoa beet pancakes, quinoa cookies, ginger peach muffins, sweet potato muffins and more!

What strikes me is two things.  One, is how my sister uses the kitchen and her desire to provide her family with nutritional foods and the other thing is how the time she spends making her creations is so therapeutic for her.   I have been on a mission to let people know that when their minds are right, everything is easier.  Just like in  exercise, relax into the movement. Check in.  And always find balance, even in the chaos!

Come to one of our Memorial Day classes tomorrow morning if you would like to sample our Blueberry Huckle Buckle! Or check out "Good to the Grain" by Kim Boyce!