I Dare You

Screen Shot 2013-05-03 at 1.36.13 PM Because of a dream....THE ENERGY LAB is Celebrating TWO YEARS!

Dare to be different.  Dare to dream.  Dare to take the road less traveled.0ccde1975881eca53c07d791cd76f3da (1)

There is an enormous difference between vocalizing a dare and actually putting one into action.  And that is where most dares end.  You are taking  a chance and the outcome is unpredictable.  But when a dare does not feel like a dare at the onset, it is just something that is a little bit scary but is falling into place, then it seems almost natural.  After you have taken the course, and can look back and realize that most people would not have done what you just did, you realize that there is something unique and special about "I dare you".

When I teach cycling class is when everything in my head is quiet and the only thing that exists is that very moment in time.  Things come out of my mouth that I wish we had recorded.  Our cycling room is one of my very favorite places - I feel connected there.  We are in the back of the studio in our own little corner of the world.  Things are going on all around us, but the awesome thing is that none of it can affect what is going on inside of us.  I realized the other night, that everything that was happening in the studio - our cycling class, the TRX class in the other room, people coming in for Taiji Fit class, Ultimate Reset nutrition coaching, deliveries of produce from one of our favorite local businesses, clients working with our personal trainers, are all taking place because I listened to a little voice inside my head that said, "you can do this".  My dare. Open a fitness studio.  Create an environment where the focus is on health and wellness.  Create a community of like-minded people from all walks of life who share one awesome thing in common.  The shared thing is at the root and core of our beings; a raw commitment to ourselves to become better today than we were yesterday, physically, mentally, and emotionally.  That is a lot to ask.  And yet, I was sitting in the midst of it in my own little cycling world while it existed around me, all because I dared.

We are surrounded by people who are directly in our circles and by those not in our immediate circles, but connected to us.  It is common to feel like we have to live up to expectations by those in our circles.  And for those in our inner circle, to some degree, yes, we are accountable to them.  But too often we let those in our outer circles determine some of the choices we make.  Instead of listening to our own voice, our outer circle voices, the ones that are usually mainstream, give us ideas and to an extent, we let them have ownership over us.  It is easy to do things like everyone else does because that is what has always been done.  But when I became a trainer, I knew that I did not want to train people in a gym atmosphere.  I found ways to train without using equipment or machines.  The only marketing I did was word-of-mouth.  People told me: you need to invest in machines. You need to advertise.  You need to get yourself out there by starting at a gym.  None of those suggestions felt right to me.  Instead I "chose to go where there is no path, and leave a trail".

I dare you. Can you turn thought into action?  Are you content to react to the world and let it go on around you? Or will you affect the world and begin your own ripple?  Listen to your inner voice. Take your road...

"I took the one less traveled by and that has made all the difference" ~ Robert Frost