Courage - "let your faith be stronger than your fear"

Courage - You have got to admire it when you see it.  I see it everyday.  It is in you. In some of you, it is "out loud"! In others, it is subtle, under your skin, and in your vibrations.  In a few, it is tucked away, waiting.  Courage is not the absence of fear.  It is having fear and doing the right thing anyway.  Courage occurs when you have come to grips with your fear and are willing to confront it.  What is really powerful is when it moves you to action, and you "live out loud", with passion!  Passion that moves you to emotions so strong and expressive that they cannot be suppressed and they show through!  Then you are courageous, passionate and VIBRANT!  When I see this, there is pure joy. Or, there are tears.  Joy or tears, both still VIBRANT! and "living out loud"! In just the past four days, I saw it 4 distinct times.  In the past two weeks, I saw it 6 times.  I know it is there more often than that, but once in awhile it really makes an impact!  The human capacity to exhibit courage spans ages, backgrounds, and experiences!  Wednesday night it was on the face that beamed at me after finding out how his hard work on the Ultimate Reset that we just concluded paid off.  21 days of truly clean eating, attention to timing and following a schedule to allow his body to reset itself for maximal absorption of pure nutrition....discipline that few can follow for one day much less 21... and he did it.  He overcame fears and had huge results in his health! It was a look I will not forget of pure JOY!  Then, yesterday, I was working with one of our instructors on her t'ai chi practice and the courage to let go of "how to" present t'ai chi turned into "playing" t'ai chi and an INTENSE connection of energy  powered through.  That was huge and HUMBLING!  This morning my client with cerebral palsy encountered fear that I could feel as her body shook, tears came, and then she overcame it and was in disbelief by what she was physically capable of.  These experiences of courage are in our midst every day.  They are in us every day.  They are not commercialized, but even as I sat and watched the opening of the SuperBowl today, I was struck by the courage and passion of some of the commercialized names and faces we know.  Ray Lewis.  To be honest, I did not know who he was.  But I asked my son, "who is that guy?" as he sang and displayed raw emotion to "God Bless America".  To let your faith overcome your fear.... a big guy about to play football, can tear up, sing out loud and really feel the reason he does what he does.  I didn't know that he is one of the best at what he does, but I knew in that moment that he has courage.

Does your courage ROAR?  And when are you willing to let it?   My client today acknowledged to me that there are some things so deeply embedded that she does not feel strong enough to face them.  Yet.  When I train her, she is doing things she did not know she could do, and there is a physiological effect that results in tears.  An actual release of emotions.  When she first told me she was going to cry, I thought to myself, "what?".  But then I saw it as a complete immersion of herself and letting go of pain so deeply seated that tears just happened.  It was amazing to see the samskaras, the blockages we all carry, be broken and released.  This person has lived with a physical disability all of her life.  But she comes in to The Energy Lab to do what we all do.  The difference is we can.  But sometimes we complain or don't give our best effort.  Once in awhile, I remind us during tough sessions, what a shame it is to have a healthy and capable body and not take care of it, when others, like my client  would do anything to be able to do what we can.    Hmmm...... are you kidding me?  It's then that I push her because I know how badly she wants to move like we do.  It's then that I push us because I know that we are capable of  moving the way she wants to and yet have allowed excuses or lack of courage to get in the way.

To be able to know ourselves well...  To know the fears we can work through and those that we are saving to work through in the future...  As we gain courage, it is like energy, like attracts like.  The more we have, the more we get, just as an object in motion remains in motion.  I know that my clients' act of acknowledging to me what she is not yet ready to deal with means that she has already begun.  Awareness.  "It is well with my soul" and "let your faith be stronger than your fear" are both going over my desk.

Thank you for your daily courage! Experience with us what happens when courage prevails and passion shines through.  We'll have Sue Hitzmann, creator of the MELT Method with us at The Energy Lab this week.  She is an example of courage and we will all get to benefit! You have something to share with the world too!