Live your life backwards

Most successful people live their lives backwards. I have a notebook with an entry dated July, 2006.  In looking back recently, I reminded myself of my "WHY".  My notes on 7/7/06 say,

"Purpose: to teach and make fitness available to more people. It should be an experience, a way to strengthen the mind and the body...a way of expand and strengthen individuals. A place to go for training, not just to go to a class."  I then wrote, "a neighborhood place - to meet, to educate, and to establish relationships. Small group classes, personal fitness room with BOSU's, balls, foam rollers and bands."

WHO KNEW?  I guess I did.  I love it when things come together! ~ "follow your dreams, they know the way."

There is a reason we set goals. When we put our WHY into writing, whether we know it or not, we are already laying the groundwork for the journey to begin.  Put your pen to the paper and don't stop. Let the thoughts, the dreams, the fears, the hopes flow.  I didn't know then what I know now.  Imagine if I did. Things could be a lot different.  We don't need to have the answers or to know anything other than what lies within us and to NOT BE AFRAID to let it out!

6 ½ years after that journal we are!  Live your life backwards. Dream it. Ink it!

"a goal is a dream set to paper. Don't just think it, ink it!"

And so began The Energy Lab in 2011.  A collaboration, a community, a tribe created it.  Many of you have had a direct impact on it.  It is living and it provides us a place to escape, to dare, to believe, to live.

In another journal, dated April, 2012.  In a list of my "big 5 goals for the year" if I knew I could not fail what would my year look like with the timeframe of  May - Dec 2012...

#5 : Expand The Energy Lab. Or expand me. Or expand BOTH!

So, here we are!  The Energy Lab is expanding, we are doubling our space and opening our doors this month!

And now, the nudge...