Eyes forward; here we go ~ Take Nothing for Granted

Today I write in honor of my first mentor in the health and fitness world, Patti Newcombe.  As we wrap up this weekend of gratitude, I have memories of this woman who was always upbeat, smiling, encouraging and energetic.  Thank you Patti for allowing me to learn from you.   Without her, I would perhaps not be doing what I am today. When people ask me, how did you get started, her name always comes to mind. Patti said to me one day, "Jill, why don't YOU teach?" as we stood at the pool at the Bally's in San Bernardino. And so it began. I took every class that I could from her. To learn. Patti has been fighting cancer for the last several months.  Her courageous fight ended November 16 when her spirit was set free of the body.  Now, she's watching over two beautiful girls and an amazing husband and her "circle of loved ones" (COLO).  Her girls and my two children shared many times together at the gyms' kid's clubs, although her girls were a little bit older and my two were babies.  I always admired Patti, and she,like my dad, brings to mind a quote I started my blogs with, "wisdom gained from those who've justly shaped your life is worth passing on."  My hope is that we can all see the people in our lives that have given us wisdom and thank them for it.  That we continue to learn from them and never take them or the wisdom given for granted.

And so we continue to live each day, making a difference and creating the best version of ourselves that we can.  Patti's "saying" was "eyes forward; here we go".  So let's do it!  We have 10% of 2012 left.  Please open your eyes!  What and WHO is around you?  What do you see?  How will you spend your 10%?  I challenge you to stay mindful.  In the midst of "all the things you have to do", take care of that body you've been given.  Take nothing for granted.  Live. Breathe. Open doors.

We've been given a whole year, and day after day, we wake up, go through the motions.  Some days we remember, some we don't.  Until, we realize there are only a handful of days left.  We start to cling to them.  We try harder.  Each one matters.  Let us live every day like it matters.  What would or could we do differently?  I am fortunate that I get to do what I love every day.  Witness transformations. Embrace struggles.  Observe bodies and investigate what moves us. You are a part of my reality.  And I appreciate you.  You shape who I am, just like Patti did.  Thank you!  Together, let's round the corner into December.

Stay tuned for mile 20...."Eyes forward; here we go"