"Wisdom given ...

"Wisdom given by those who justly shaped your life is worth passing on".  This statement hangs in a frame over our water cooler at the studio.  We see it every day. Some days we read it.  One of my clients told me on Tuesday, with sweat pouring off his brow, "I like that quote you have back there."  And it got me thinking.  Another client asked me Monday night, "did you always know you were going to do this (meaning create The Energy Lab)?"  And it got me thinking.  We are a testament to the people in our lives and to the lives we have crossed paths with.  How many names, faces, things you've been told come to mind when you consider your purpose and how you are living it and who you are?   One more statement that has stuck with me this week:  "Hey Jill, have you ever been to San Francisco?"  This from a 16-year old training with me with her soccer team.  It was her way of trying to distract me from encouraging her and her teammates to do about 10 more balance beam roll-backs to standing single-leg squats.  I love that girl, she is real.  She is not afraid.  And that is why I love what I do!  We all laughed at her attempt at a distraction.  She, too, shapes my life. Sometimes it is the actions of others and not necessarily the words that shape us.  My father taught me the meaning of hard work.  We never had a conversation about it, but I saw him work up to three jobs at a time to support our family.  He went to work every day and on Sundays, he worked at our church so that my siblings and I could attend the church's private school.  I do not remember my dad ever calling in sick.  He impacted many lives and the wisdom from his actions has shaped my life.  My mother decided one day to do a marathon.  She began training and if we didn't know where she was, she was out walking or running.  Her first marathon, led to her second and then led to her completion of a marathon in all 50 states.  She had a family to take care of and a job as a school teacher, but she created time to make this goal happen.  It made her a better person and it taught me the value of hard work and achieving goals.  I grew up seeing actions and knowing that there are no excuses for mediocrity or simply getting by.

This is where YOU come in.  This is where THE ENERGY LAB comes in.  This is where the QUOTES that you see in the studio come in.  This is where the RICO (Redlands Intercollegiate Cycling Organization) kids come in.  This is where the 16-YEAR OLD SOCCER PLAYER comes in.  Hard work. Dedication.  NoExcuses.

I know that MOST people do no like working out.  We are not MOST people.  I know that it is not easy.  I know that when you leave here you are almost always smiling.  In the past few days I have especially noticed some of  the young adults I get to work with coming in.  It is the last few weeks of summer and they are here to take classes...because they want to.  Nobody told them to.  We are already creating a new generation of our kind of MOST people!I admire the commitment of our 5:30am Breakthrough group.   Getting up and rolling out the door is what they do.   And I am always blown away by the energy of our after-work crowd.  They believe in creating "the best version of themselves" that they can.  They are willing to learn.  They are real, and I love it!

"Wisdom given by those who justly shaped your life is worth passing on".   Seek wisdom.  Seek knowledge. It will shape your life.  And it may not always be given in the traditional ways.